- DJI 0064 - RGV Reef

Sinking the 110′ Titan

It’s incredibly difficult & expensive to pull all the wood, glass, insulation, wiring, and plastic out of these boats. After the initial boat gutting process we then had to scrape the fuel tanks and bilge clean. We pressure washed them to the point where there was no oily film when rising the water. This work was hard, dirty, and dangerous due to being done in the dark. Almost all the preparation work done to prepare the 110′ Titan was done by EMR staff on the weekends. The initial sinking date was programmed for August 25 but due to the weather the sinking was delayed to July 1st, 2022. The public was invited to come out and watch for a couple of hours how the boat was sinking while catching some tasty snapper.

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